& How You Can Know Him

The Earth, the Universe and everything in it was designed so mankind could have a perfect life and live forever. But God, the Creator knew that this could never happen unless people had freedom to make choices. It would be impossible for even Him to force people to be truly happy. True happiness comes only as the result of decisions that people make, even if they are difficult to make.

So, into the garden which He had made for Adam and Eve to enjoy, God put a particular tree, and He told them not to eat its fruit. Then He allowed a rebellious angel, called Satan, to show the people that  they had a choice about whether they obeyed God or not. Satan even told them that God had lied about the consequences that would come from eating the forbidden fruit. So Adam and Eve chose to disobey God, and rebelled against Him by eating the fruit.

When they did so their spirits/hearts were changed so that it became part of their nature to know what was good or evil, and to be free to choose which they followed. From then on all mankind – all the descendants of Adam and Eve – had it in their heart to know what was the good that God approved of and what was the evil that God did not approve of.

The record of human history reveals that a great many people have chosen to do evil, even though they knew it was not right with God. And a great many continue to do so. I dare say even you have done things you know to be wrong. This is what is often called ‘sin’.

Unfortunately, with the freedom to choose, also came consequences. The consequence for choosing good was eternal life with God, what some call heaven. The consequence for choosing evil was eternal life separated from God, what we call hell, which God had created to be a place of eternal pain and suffering for the angels who rebelled against Him.

But God did not want people to end their lives in hell, so from even before He created the Earth, the Universe, and everything in it, He also had a plan to allow people to be saved from the consequences of doing evil. He had planned that one day, a descendant of Adam would come to earth and pay the price for the sins of all humanity – past, present and future.

That person would have to be someone who would NEVER choose to do evil. And that person would have to be worth more than all the people ever created. Only then could that person pay for the sins of the world with his own sinless life. To accomplish this, God knew that He would have be that person.

So, in a way that humans can’t properly understand, Jesus, who is the same as God, but also separate from God, came as a person, conceived in the egg of a woman, with the father’s dna being placed there by God to be the same as Adam before his spirit/heart became corrupted with sin nature.

Christmas is the time we celebrate the birth of the son of God and the son of Mary.

Jesus grew as a person, tempted to sin like all humanity, through the nature of His mother. But resisted the temptation through the nature of His heavenly Father. When Jesus was crucified by the Romans to please the Jewish religious leaders of the time, He was falsely accused and falsely sentenced. Even the Roman judge said Jesus was innocent. So Jesus died without sin. Yet it wasn't the crucifixion that killed Him, but the sin of the world, which was paid for by the life that was in His blood.

On the third day after Jesus was placed in a tomb, He rose from the dead to prove that He had indeed paid the price for ALL sin. (Had His life been insufficient to cover all sin, He would have remained dead.) After being seen by many witnesses for 40 days, Jesus ascended from the Earth and returned to heaven to make it ready for all those who accept Him for paying for their sin with His own life.

When a person acknowledges Jesus for paying for their sin, and accepts Him for doing so, a miracle happens. The corrupted spirit/heart inherited from Adam is changed into one without blemish. (Some people call this being ‘born again’.) This makes the person able to see, hear, experience and understand God. It also gives the person the opportunity to change their life by having the ability and support to make good choices, and enjoy a full and truly happy life. Then they will live forever in the presence of God, just as He planned.

Now you know why the whole world, including you, needs Jesus.

To accept this free gift of being saved from the consequences of choosing to do evil, and to receive a new spirit/heart, all you need to do, and do sincerely is:
1. Admit to God that you have not always lived the way you knew was right and therefore have no right to spend eternity with Him.
2. Make a decision to change the way you live, endeavoring to do what is right with God rather than what you know is wrong – even when it’s hard to do. And tell God you are making that decision.
3. Finally, ask Jesus to take charge of your life and help you learn and grow into the person He wants you to be.

If you followed these 3 steps sincerely, God has already changed your heart. You are now a Christian which means ‘follower of the Christ’ (Jesus). You will start to see and understand things much differently than before.

But God never meant for people to be alone in their relationship with Him, so He instituted the church. However, there are so many types of churches you may not know the best place to go. So if you have become a Christian please contact Pastor Tom at NewLife Christian Centre so he can pray with you, encourage you, answer your questions, and help you find a church near you that believes and follows everything that is in the Bible. They will then invite you to be part of their community and will be responsible for helping you grow and learn more about this great new life you just began.

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Why the World Needs Jesus