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Most Christians need a little prompting to spend time with God each day even though the time spent is always rewarding. Therefore Ps Tom writes and emails a brief daily devotion Mondays to Saturdays to provide encouragement and food for thought.
If you would like to be added to the email list for Ps Tom's Daily Devotions email him with Daily Devotion as the Subject. (Your email details will not be used in any way that contravenes Australian Privacy Laws.) And remember you can be just as easily removed from the mailing list simply by sending another email requesting removal.

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A brief outline of the plan and purpose of Jesus Christ and Christianity, and how you can know Jesus personallly.       More...
Why the World Needs Jesus
Way of the Master
Have you ever wanted to help people come to Jesus but didn't know what to say, or were scared to do it? Well this site is full of free resources to teach you a simple way Jesus and the apostles shared the good news.
Every Christian CAN make a difference without getting into religious debates or arguments.
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Many of the parables Jesus told were warning people to be sure they are truly saved. He said that on the day of judgement many would say they did miracles and works in His name,
but Jesus will reply and say He did not know them.
How many people in Church think
they are saved but are going to hell?The two messages below by Ray Comfort will help you understanhow this can happen, and what to do about it.
Hell's Best Kept Secret
True & False Conversion
More messages by
Ray Comfort can be found at
Do Good People go to Heaven?
Many people believe they will go to heaven because they are a "Good Person".  Unfortunately most people are Good in their own eyes. So what standard does God use to measure if someone is Good enough to go to heaven? This animated video looks at that question.


The Christian Network

Their goal is to be Australia's most comprehensive web magazine. Yet even though they do have articles, you will also find blogs, sermons, news stories, devotions, music and videos.

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